In 1999, the real estate market was at a low point. There were several foreclosures, short sales and bank owned properties.  Many homeowners didn't have enough equity in their homes to sell and pay a traditional Real Estate Broker the average 6% of the sales price.

Oahu Realty Pro was started in March of 2000, with the goal in mind, of helping our clients save the valuable equity that they worked so hard to gain, in their properties, while giving up any of the services they expect from their Realtor.  By paying only a 'Set Fee', instead of a commission, Sellers saved several thousands of dollars, when the sold their homes.  Buyers were given several thousands of dollars, when they purchased a property, which helped them with closing costs and moving expenses.

Our success was phenomenal, but not without a lot of resistance from other Real Estate Brokers, who fought to keep their clients, by spreading false rumors about our company.  You may still hear some of them today, as they still can't figure out a way to compete with us.  Then, there were the emulators, who tried to copy what we offered, but weren’t able to succeed, making less than what they were used to.  Several of them came into the market, only to exit the market, when the market dropped, or they realized that they couldn't succeed with the lower margins.  Find out for yourself about our Full Service, Set Fee and Professional Standards, by giving us a call or contact us.

Today, after over 20 successful years of service, and thousands of clients later, we are still the truly FULL SERVICE, SET FEE, Real Estate Company in Hawaii.   

We hope to get the opportunity to work with you, in fulfilling your real estate goals.  Give us a call today.

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